2018   Urban Art Fair/ Galerie Pretty Portal/ Paris/ France
           Urvanity Art Fair/ Urban Art Gallery/ Madrid/ Spain
           ART UP/ Galerie ANGE BASSO/ Lille/ France

2017   URBSTRACTIONS/ Pretty Protal Gallery/ Düsseldorf/ Germany
           ART ELYSEES / Galerie ANGE BASSO / Paris/ France
           Urban Art Fair/ Urban Art Gallery/  Paris/ France
           ART UP/ Urban Art Gallery/ Lille/ France
           Urvanity Art Fair/ Urban Art Gallery/ Madrid/ Spain

2016   8e Avenue/ FROM GRAFFITI TO RELIEF/ Paris/ France
           COMING FROM THE BASICS/ ARTCAN GALLERY/ Group Show/ Montpellier/ France
           Urban Art Fair/ Urban Art Gallery/ Paris/ France

2015   Superfine/ Image Gallery NYC/ Art Basel Miami/ USA
           Berliner Liste/ Galerie Kerstan/ Germany
           Die Grenzlandausstellung/ Group Show/ Kunstverein Apenrade/ Denmark
           VARIETAS/ Group Show/ Galerie Mauritiushof/ Swiss
           URBAN BEAUTY/ Group Show/ Urban Art Gallery/ Stuttgart Germany

2014   FLASHBACK/ Solo Show/ Urban Art Gallery/ Stuttgart Germany
           DIRTY WORKS VOLUME 5/ 30works Galerie/ Köln Germany
           MILLERNTOR GALLERY/ Viva con Agua/ Hamburg Germany
           CITY VIBES/ WOW-WilliBender Gallery/ Heidelberg Germany
           URBAN PLAYGROUND/ Urban Art Gallery/ Stuttgart Germany

2013    STROKE/ Urban Art Gallery/ München Germany
            In Your Face/ Group Show/ Augsburg Germany

2012    Platine/ Köln Germany
            International ART Festival/ Kerteminde Denmark
            STROKE/ Urban Art Gallery/ München Germany
            Solo/ Urban Art Gallery/ Stuttgart Germany
            Parallax AF/ Urban Art Gallery/ London UK
            Affordable Art Fair Milano/ L‘ART INDUSTRIEL/ Milano IT

2011    Rebel Goes Berlin – MODART/ Exhibition/ Berlin Germany
            dirty works volume II/ 30works Galerie/ Köln Germany

2010    International Fine Art Collection/ Germany, China, Denmark,
            USA, Honduras, New Zealand and South Africa
            G40: The Summit/ ART WHINO/ Washington DC USA
            ART.FAIR21 BLOOOM/ Die Kunstagentin/ Köln Germany

2009    20 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall „Domino Aktion“/ Berlin Germany
            „Old Skoolin for the Children“/ ART WHINO/ Washington DC USA
            FRERK & Marc C. Woehr/ Carmichael Gallery/ Los Angeles USA
            Inked Souls/ ART WHINO/ Washington DC USA
            ART WHINO Gallery, ART BASEL/ Miami Beach USA

2008    „Exhibition for Urban Arts“, Carhartt Gallery/ Weil am Rhein Germany
            „Primary flight“ MODART/ Miami ART BASEL/ Miami Beach USA
            MODART/ ART BASEL/ Basel Swiss  

2005    „Gemeinsam Leben“, Group Show/ Ministry for Social Affairs/ Stuttgart Germany